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Black Girl Health (BGH) is a digital outreach organization designed to help minority women and girls live a healthier lifestyle through its online services including; “Blackgirlhealth.com,” its digital magazine, social media awareness campaigns, commercials, outreach events. BGH was founded in 2014, by television journalist Porcha Johnson. Black Girl Health focuses on preventative care nutrition and fitness. BGH is committed to online outreach targeting minorities in underserved areas. Our mission is to reduce the health disparities among minorities and communities with the highest risks.


All women, regardless of creed or nationality can share and gain knowledge through all of our platforms. our BGH health professionals provide holistic advice to help minority women discover ways to make their health a priority.

Did You Know?


According to the United States Office of Women’s Health, African-American women face a disproportionate number of health risks and concerns including:


Heart Disease


High Blood Pressure




High Cholesterol

How We Achieve Our Mission


Daily columns, articles, videos and commentary by doctors, local celebrities, and athletes. This online portal is the primary medium we use to distribute news. Our articles and other contributions fall under several categories


A monthly subscription where members get access to step-by-step action plans that help them reach a desired health goal with the assistance of a certified dietitian or fitness trainer of their choice.


Topic specific education workshops presented by natural hair experts, medical and naturopathic experts, fitness sessions with certified trainers, free health screenings, nutrition and food safety seminars.

A Word From Our Founder



Thank you for your interest in Black Girl Health (BGH). This website is designed to give you all of the information you need about BGH, including information on how to get and stay fit.


I started Black Girl Health because I have been impacted by some of the illnesses that consistently and disproportionately plague black women and women of other racial minorities.


Black Girl Health is dedicated to helping women – and their partners, friends, and family – achieving healthier lifestyles.


If you have any questions about the information in this package please contact me directly at publisher@blackgirlhealth.com


I look forward to speaking with you.


Porcha Johnson Publisher, Black Girl Heath

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