Are they any blushes that are more iconic than MAC’s? The colors, the textures, the abundance of options makes MAC one of the best places to shop. But if we’re being real, they aren’t exactly the cheapest options around. Here are 3 dupes for MAC blushes!

#1) MAC Sunbasque vs NYX Terracotta: MAC Sunbasque is one of the most popular blushes for black women. A peach colored blush that is more like a cross between a blush and a bronzer, it’s no wonder the ladies love this shade. NYX Terracotta is a perfect dupe for this one with it warm peachy color with hints of bronze. It has the same blush/bronzer effect and looks great on brown skin for half the price!

#2) MAC Global Glow MSF vs Black Radiance Ginger Snap Baked Bronzer: MAC’s Global Glow is more highlighter than blush, but with the Mineralized Skinfinish line, the sky is the limit. This neutral tan shade with hints of silver is perfect when applied to the top of the cheekbones. A super affordable dupe is the Black Radiance Baked Bronzer in Ginger Snap. It has the same “baked” texture of the MSF in a similar tan shade. There’s not much silver in this one those so it’s not exact, but it’s close enough!

#3) MAC Band of Roses Mineralized Blush vs Black Radiance Raspberry Baked Blush: Another MAC/Black Radiance combo. For this one, the deep rose/red shades of the MAC Band of Roses duo can be worn alone or mixed together to get the perfect berry blush shade. Black Radiance Baked Blush in Raspberry has that same color as the deep berry shade in the Band of Roses duo making it a great dupe to try for a fraction of the price!

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