Your Stylist Is No Good

Your Stylist Is No Good

It seems like everyone can do hair these days, but your hair is only as good as your stylist, so choose wisely. Here are four ways to tell if your stylist is no good.

1. They are never on time

While it may not seem like that big of a deal, your time and money is precious. If your stylist is constantly running late or overbooking, they do not value your time or money. You can’t charge them for being late, but they would apply such a fee to your tab in a heartbeat… I think not!

2. They use the same products that are under YOUR kitchen sink

Every woman has a mini salon collection in their bathroom or kitchen to get them by between hair appointments. Unless you are a licensed professional, those materials are sold to the public. If your stylist is using non-professional products and still charging you the price of salon-quality materials, they are not only beating you for your money, but they may not have the necessary knowledge to care for your hair properly.

3. If she tells you everyone else’s business, she’ll tell yours too!

We all do it, especially at the salon. I’m talking about gossip. But, if your salon is known for gossip, drama, and god-forbid actual fights (yes it does happen, y’all have cable) then, that may no be the establishment you want to endorse. How can you get top-notch service when your stylist has to play referee for the next WWE smackdown champion.

4. Environment

Is the actual salon appearance clean enough for your standards? Were you greeted? A clean salon and station expresses your stylist’s desire to adhere to proper sanitation laws, thus keeping not only your hair but also your body clean and healthy.

Is your stylist guilty of any of these? If so, it might be time to start searching for a new one sis.

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