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Join thousands of minority women taking control of their health with Black Girl Health

Social Campaigns

Social Campaigns

Become a part of a movement and let your voice be heard with thousands of other minority women as we seek to raise awareness and fight against HIV/AIDS in our community.
Health Guides

Health Guides

Get daily tips of your choice to maintain and improve your beauty and health from top natural hair enthusiasts, fitness gurus, and beauty experts from across the web.

Action Plans

Action Plans

Increase your rate of success towards a health goal of your choice with a custom action plan that guides you day by day towards a path to eating right and staying fit.


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Outreach Events

Attend our Kickstart: Health & Wellness Conference which includes: topic specific education workshops presented by natural hair experts, medical and naturopathic experts, breakout fitness sessions for on the spot workouts with lead instructors, free health screenings, nutrition and food safety seminars.


In addition, we also produce BGH LIVE! our digital health talk show featuring VIP guests with BGH Founder and Host Porcha Johnson as they speak on a variety of health specific topics in their daily lives.

The quickest and easiest way for minority women

to stay motivated and on top of their health

Social Awareness Campaigns

One dreadlock is stronger than one strand. Every quarter of the year we run Social Awareness campaigns to bring attention to health issues that disproportionately effect us and also encourage one another to take action. Consider pledging your support to our Social Awareness Campaign #POPTHEQUESTION by donating your social reach to take our message further.

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Empower Others

When you lend your support to one of our Social Awareness campaigns, our collective voice speaks volumes and makes a greater impact on legislation and funding to help minority woman move forward.

Network To Get Work

We work alongside partners like the National Library of Medicine and top Social Influencers like @MissJayDMV. Become a part of a sisterhood of women who are powerful in their fields of expertise and just may have the access and opportunity to take your career or health journey to the next level.

Feel Good About Yourself

Pledging your support to a cause you care deeply about is a major mood-booster. The knowledge that you’re helping others is hugely empowering and, in turn, can make you feel happier and more fulfilled.

Health Guides

We search thousands of articles and influencers every day (so you don’t have too) for the most up too date and reliable health information. From natural hair, beauty experts, and fitness gurus then compile the best content of your choice and deliver it straight to your inbox.

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It Saves Time.

The first thing you need to meet a health goal is information from a guide to help you out! Problem is you're busy and you don't really have time to search through hundreds of videos and articles everyday to find the right fit. With a BGH Health Guide you just pick a topic, we find the right guide for you, and deliver their content straight to your inbox every day.

Its Reliable.

We only source content from our directory of reputable sources and top social media influencers to ensure that the information you receive each day is reliable, proven, and trustworthy.

Its Free.

No monthly fee. No hidden charges. The only thing we ask for is an email. Taking the guesswork out of finding the best information to help you on your health journey.

Action Plans

If you want to take your health journey to the next level then you need to check this out right now. With a monthly subscription to our Action Plan Library, you get access to step-by-step execution of a desired health goal of your choice with a certified dietitian or fitness trainer of your choice.

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Plans For Every Moment of Your Life

First date in a couple days? Prom in a couple weeks? Married in a couple months? Snap back after a newborn? We've got an action plan for the defining moments in every woman's life and many less popular moments in between.

Certified Experts

They don't just TELL YOU what you need to do to reach your health goal they SHOW YOU how to take action every day and get things DONE.

Full Access

We don't do one off. When you activate your monthly subscription you get access to our entire Action Plan library...not just one action plan.

Looking for great articles on how to manage your health? Check out our health blog with professional advice from certified nutritionists, medical and naturopathic doctors.


About Us

Black Girl Health (BGH) was founded in May 2014  as a digital outreach organization designed to help minority women and girls make well-informed decisions that improve their health.

Our mission is to reduce the health disparities among minorities and communities with the highest health risks.

According to the United States Office of Women’s Health, African-American women face a disproportionate number of health risks and concerns including: Lupus, Heart Disease, Fibroids, HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Obesity, High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol.

Black Girl Health focuses on preventative care through education, nutrition and fitness. All women, regardless of creed or nationality can share and gain knowledge through all of our platforms.

Founder Porcha Johnson

Question? Comment? Concern? Feel free to contact us anytime.
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